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Bridgeport Drafting & Home Design

Designer, Palatka, Florida
Contact Website; references upon request
I customize blueprints for contractors and homeowners. With my construction training and years of experience, I will make significant contributions to the Putnam County building industry over the next 10 years. I am interested in new technology and design methodologies. I have broad experience with construction, computer programming, accounting, finance, human resources, labor negotiations, and QA training. I have also worked closely with government regulators, concerning OSHA, EPA and Workmen’s Compensation.

I will focus my knowledge and skills on your project. Together, we will make each house the best it can be.
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Smurfit Stone Container Corporation

01-02: Independent Management Consultant
Palatka, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio
Contact – George Langstaff, VP (8182 Maryland Ave. St. Louis MO 63105; 314-746-1237) – Website
Smurfit Stone contracted me to improve numerous plants. I examined organization, production operation, maintenance functions, material flow, warehousing and shipping, and partnerships with suppliers and customers. I evaluated, then developed and submitted an action plan to management. This plan considered capacity planning, labor scheduling optimization, and equipment layout.
Supervisors were trained in leadership. Employees were trained in team building. Prescribed production changes were put into place, along with measurements of progress. I evaluated and led training for a long-term action plan.
98-01: Engineer, Division Engineering, Cantonment, Florida
Contact – Dick Fink, Director of Engineering (101 Stone Blvd. Cantonment FL 32533; 850-937-6152) – Website
I solved procedural problems, methods and measurements in the division. Current equipment and layout were assessed, then recommendations for changes and upgrades were issued. I researched and justified capital equipment purchases. I directed new building construction for Quality Assurance. For our division, I handled Y2K and Job Safety Analysis. I studied energy deregulation with the Corporate Energy Team.
97-98: Plant Manager, Tolleson, Arizona
I rebuilt and transitioned grocery bag equipment, developed a sales plan, and reorganized supervision. I installed a QA system and negotiated outside warehousing for the plant.
94-97: Plant Manager, AB Specialty Bag Plant, Hialeah, Florida
Contact - John Riconosciuto, VP (450 E North Ave. Carol Stream IL 60188; 630-260-6843)
Smurfit-Stone entrusted me to fix a failing subsidiary, which had been losing $2.5 million annually. I turned it into an innovative, profitable plant. Since service was the key to plant success, customer relationships were critical.
I emphasized (and provided training in) workplace safety. I personally managed Human Resources, including Healthcare Insurance negotiations.
92-94: Production Manager, Wellsburg, West Virginia
Contact – Riconosciuto – Website
At this MTW Bag Plant, my focus was on the production operation, maintenance, QA and the customer. Many visits to customer facilities were necessary. The customer’s products were expensive and/or dangerous, so our bags had to be made secure.
88-92: Production Manager, Louisville, Kentucky
Contact – Riconosciuto – Website
Hired to save a Small Bag Plant. During the first year a $1.5 million turnaround was realized. This was the result of my intensive focus on the production area and maintenance, through vast restructuring and retraining. Strict but fair drug testing was implemented, which created a safer workplace.


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Crescent Paper Tube Corporation

Plant Manager, Florence, Kentucky
Contact Website
I managed all facets of manufacturing, from maintenance to scheduling. Productivity, yield and labor savings as a result of computer scheduling, labor utilization, and preventive maintenance program. I expanded product lines to meet a changing marketplace, adding plastic tube production facilities.


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Equitable Bag Company                    

Operation Manager, Florence, Kentucky
I managed a 500 employee paper bag facility. I achieved $3 million annual savings, through: a new ink manufacturing system; yield, labor, and productivity measurement; supervisor training; preventive maintenance. This plant handled PE extrusion, PE printing, paper converting, and printing.


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Hudson Pulp & Paper Corporation

76-77: Project Manager of Converting Operations, Palatka, Florida
I moved plant equipment from Florida to North Carolina and Virginia
67-76: Superintendent, Kraft Converting, Palatka, Florida
I doubled productivity per man hour. I installed control systems and computer terminals for each machine. My leadership defused labor conflicts. We became Hudson's most profitable operation.
66-67: Assistant Superintendent, Grocery Bag Department, Palatka, Florida
I moved a New England bag plant to Florida, then hired and trained the people to operate.
65-66: Supervisor, Multiwall Bag Department
65: Industrial Engineer, Converting Division


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Lone Star Steel Company

Industrial Engineer, Lone Star, Texas


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Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Engineer, Shreveport, Louisiana



Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering (Louisiana Tech, ’61); graduate courses (University of Florida)
Up-to-date, extensive knowledge of the Florida Building Code (download pdf) and legislative statutes
Trained and certified in Computer Aided Residential Drafting
Trained and certified in Core Code for contractors
Trained and certified in hurricane and storm resistance: ASCE 7-98 and SSTD 10-99



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