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    as you may or may not have guessed, i receive a lot of messages about this site. these generally belong to four categories:

people who want to express their appreciation of zora and/or this site
people with information or links to contribute to the site
people who have specific questions about zora and/or the site: copyrights, historical, literary, etc.
people who would like me to write a paper and/or read a book for them 

    i love all messages in the first three categories. bring on the suggestions, praise, complaints and questions (which i generally answer to the best of my ability). but reading posts that go like this is another story:  

    My teacher assigned a paper on Their Eyes, and i found this site on the internet. Could you send me an outline of the plot, descriptions of characters, and info on the "themes" in the book? I read it, I just need a refresher. Also, some good thesis statements would help a lot.  
    Hurry, I'm desperate- it's due tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


    wake up. you honestly think some stranger wants to help you cheat? all that stuff is in the Cliff's Notes, anyway. ask a specific and legitimate question, and i or someone else will try to point you in the right direction. most information is available, you just need to make an effort to find it. 
    do not post anything stupid or obscene. do not post anything unrelated to zora. by posting a message, you agree to abide by these rules. this is a scholarly (yet accessible) forum which belongs to everybody.

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in case you are wondering about me, my full name is Kip Austin Hinton. this site receives between 700 and 1000 hits a week. i have a personal web page. i earned a B.A. in 1998 from the Ohio State University, Summa Cum Laude & With Distinction in English. in 2006, i earned an M.A. at the University of Texas at San Antonio, in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies. i wrote a book about the Chernobyl accident. i am a doctoral student at UCLA's Graduate School of Education, and i teach English as a Second Language. here is my resume.
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